Thursday, January 17, 2008

python version of stringtemplate

This post details how to install it so that you can write local python programs and process your own templates.

get the latest stringtemplate from . I have PyStringTemplate-3.1b1
make sure you note the dependencies properly.

the numbers on the left are from my history list. don't type those!!

1091 wget
1093 tar xzf antlr-2.7.7.tar.gz

1131 cd antlr-2.7.7/lib/python

1138 ls
1139 python config
1140 python build
1141 python install --prefix=/local/local/apps/python/
1142 p
1143 cd ../../../stringtemplate3-3.1b1/
1144 l
1145 python config
1146 python build
1147 python install --prefix=/local/local/apps/python/

Thats all there is to it. now you can try all the cool code on the site.

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